Gabion Box

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Gabion box is made from hexagonal wire mesh,which is woven into double or multiple twisted hexagonal wire meshes by the anti-corrosion, anti-wear and high tensile strength heavily galvanized wire,GALFAN wire,PVC coated wire.According to the need of customers,the twisted hexagonal meshes will be cut and made into box.

Wire Diameter
(Metal Wire) 
Wire Diameter (PVC Coated)/ 
60X80 φ2.0-2.8 φ2.0/3.0-2.5/3.5 3-5
80X100 φ2.0-3.2 φ2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8 3-5
80X120 φ2.0-3.2 φ2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8 3-5
100X120 φ2.0-3.4 φ2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8 3-5
100X150 φ2.0-3.4 φ2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8 3-5
120X150 φ2.0-4.0 φ2.0/3.0-3.0/4.0 3-5


1. Economic,fold then loading and transport,saving transport costs,just put the stone into the gabion and seal,low cost.
2. Construction is simple ,without special skills.
3. Strong capacity of withstand nature destroy, rust-resistance and atrocious weather resistance
4. Withstand large scale deformation and does not collapse
5. the mud between cage rock crevice could plant ,melting together with the surrounding nature environment
6. Excellent Penetrability, which can prevent soil and water loss


1. Strengthening the stability of the river beds.
2. Protecting riverbeds from being washed away.
3. Providing the prefixed value of coarseness nodulus of river banks.
4. Protecting the trees and zoology of slopes and banks.


River Regulation Slope Protection Gabion Wall

Road Protection Bridge Foundation Protection Ecological Construction

we mainly produce:gabion box,gabions metal wire mesh,gabion wire mesh,galvanised diamond chain link fence mesh,galvanised steel wire mesh 50*50,galvanized aluminum alloy expanded metal sheet,galvanized barbecue grill wire mesh,galvanized barbed wire,galvanized chain link fence

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